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Feed Landing Pages

Nov 20, 2006
Category Investments

When IE 7 and Firefox 2 came out, they both added a lot of RSS-related functionality.  As part of this, they both implemented their version of “smart landing” pages for when a user clicks on an RSS feed link.  While this is a nice idea, it broke cardinal rule number one of being “publisher friendly” – they both override any custom landing pages that a publisher (e.g. me – my blog) has put together. 

Since I use FeedBurner to publish my feed, I’m used to all the nifty landing page features they provide.  FeedBurner – through their “Browser Friendly” service, has always provided plenty of options for my RSS landing page.  Suddenly – any IE 7 or Firefox 2 user no longer got “my” landing page.

FeedBurner solved this today with an upgrade to their Browser Friendly service.  They’ll let you have it any way you want – browser native format, raw XML, or FeedBurner formatted landing page.