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FeedDemon 2.1 Rocks

Nov 20, 2006
Category Investments

Nick Bradbury just released FeedDemon 2.1.  It’s spectacular.  I continue to use as many different newsreaders as I can get my hands on – FeedDemon is far and away the best for anyone with a large number (> 100) of feeds being monitored.  Nick has plenty of details on his blog, but some of the new features include:

  • Popular Topics: see your most frequently linked articles across your subscription list
  • Subscription Search: search your subscriptions
  • Security Lockdown: we’ve learned a lot about feed security at NewsGator and Nick continues to help lead the charge
  • Keyboard Navigation: not only is there extensive keyboard nav, but you can customize it

There are plenty more, especially for a x.1 release.  Attention, search, and security – look for a lot more of this across NewsGator’s products.