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NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand Ships

Jan 23, 2007
Category Investments

Jack Bauer was very busy last night.  I didn’t realize his family was so large, or so evil.  I expect his reunion with his dad won’t be as enjoyable as mine was.  I’m on the east coast somewhere today enjoying real cold but little snow (unlike Ben who is merely enjoying the unreality of snow in Boulder) plowing through my email and feeds before my day starts.  My friends at NewsGator have given me yet another way to read RSS feeds with their new NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand (NGEOD – or NGOD for those of you that are atheists) product.  If you want to try out enterprise RSS for free for 30 days and like Software as a Service (or On-Demand, or – if you are old school – ASP), now is your chance.