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The Quiet Room

Jan 21, 2007
Category Places

Air travel generally sucks these days.  It starts when TSA tells you that you cannot have your toothbrush in the same ziplock bag as your toothpaste (liquids only in the quart bag Mr. Traveler), continues on the filthy plane (thanks for the nice smelling oder killer thing in the bathroom, but did you notice that the sink doesn’t look like it has been washed in a year), and finishes as you sit in the airport during yet another weather or mechanical delay.

Really – I’m just trying to get to Harrisburg (originally from Las Vegas this morning.)  There’s nothing quiet like a four hour weather delay.  Thankfully, I found an amazing spot at O’Hare to hang out at.  The Terminal C Red Carpet Club has a “Quiet Room.”  It’s a huge comfortable room with a cell phone ban.  I’m the only person here – since I have several more hours before my flight, I just counted the seats (about 80 of them) – and I’m the only dude here.  Delightful – better than a library.