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Burning Down the Feed

Apr 14, 2007
Category Investments

My friends at FeedBurner have been cranking.  Last week they released an updated version of FeedFoundry – their heavy duty feed management service for large multi-feed commercial publishers and blog networks.  As part of this release they announced a couple of new customers including NPR and Circuit City.  To see more, check out the FeedFoundry screencast.

On Friday, FeedBurner announced that they are now managing all the feeds across the AOL Network.  Yes – they are using FeedFoundry for this – and join an extensive list of other established companies including Dow Jones Online, Geffen Records, and USAToday.

When I invested in FeedBurner in 2005, I’d heard that several of the major media companies had said “we’d never outsource our RSS to anyone.”  I wasn’t sure they knew what “an RSS” was and was quickly proven correct when several of them became FeedBurner customers within the next six months.  AOL took a little longer but I know the gang at FeedBurner is proud to count them as a publisher.

I’m FeedBurner publisher 699 (start date 4/8/04.)  Three years later there are 388,095 publishers (AOL makes 388,096.)  Wow.