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Wednesday is Posting Day

Apr 11, 2007

It seems like there’s a regular rhythm to the magnitude of “great posts from entrepreneurs and VCs” – Wednesday is the magic day.  I woke up to a bunch of great stuff in FeedDemon – including:

  • Dick Costolo (FeedBurner) on Legal Fees: Start Swearing Now – Dick’s views of lawyers.
  • Matt Blumberg (Return Path) on Highs and Lows, Part II – Once you get big enough, you get to share the “high/low whiplash” with others on your leadership team.
  • Matt McCall (Portage Ventures) on Using Scorecards with Your Board – report early and consistently.
  • Josh Kopelman (First Round) on Do You Need to Switch Your Pitch – what type of pitch should you use when presenting to new potential investors?

The sun is up, Camden Yards is out my window, I had a great run, and it’s time for another day.