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Get Ready For Selling To The Enterprise To Be A Big Deal Again

Oct 25, 2007
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Eric Norlin – the organizer and host of the upcoming Defrag Conference (Denver – Nov 5 and 6 – hottest ticket in town since the World Series will be over) has a great rant up titled Cycles, Juxtapositions, and Predictions.  Midway through the rant, he says:

“Putting it all together, here’s what I’m thinking: Bottom line — Tech innovation is about to get very focused on selling to the enterprise.”

He goes on to say:

“And here’s how it all relates to Defrag: I see a lot of the companies in the “defrag space” (including a lot of our sponsors) starting on the consumer-side of things. I also see nearly all of them making the shift toward the enterprise.”

My regular conversations with my CIO friends, including The Architect, confirms this point of view.  Large corporate IT has digested a lot of the innovation from the last cycle and is preparing for adopting and incorporating much of the consumer side innovations we’ve seen explode on the scene in the past two years.  Enterprise 2.0 anyone?

If you haven’t signed up for Defrag yet, register and come join us to engage in the conversation and help us figure this out.  Enterprise people welcome.