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Not Everything Works

Nov 10, 2007

You hear a lot about successful companies on most VC blogs.  It’s a lot easier to talk about success than it is to talk about failure.

Several weeks ago, The Enthusiast Group (a company I have an angel investment in) decided to call it a day.  They are in the process of selling off their properties (such as YourRunning, YourMTB, YourCycling, YourClimbing, and YourHorseSports.)  If you have any interest in them, give them a shout.

Derek Scruggs – the co-founder – has a very thoughtful interview up on ColoradoStartups describing the experience and some of the lessons that he learned. 

I’m proud of Derek and his partner Steve Outing – both for their efforts in starting The Enthusiast Group as well as for having the courage to call the ball when they realized things weren’t working.