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Hiring Two Silicon Flatiron Fellows

Jan 07, 2008
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The Feld Job board is about to kick into high gear.  Look for a handful of posts in January. 

The Silicon Flatirons program at CU Law School is looking for two research fellows.  The first one is described on their web site.  They are looking for an aspiring entrepreneur or VC who would work with the New Technology Meetup, the new Entrepreneurs Unplugged series, co-teach a class with Jason Mendelson, work with the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, and get to know who is who in the front range entrepreneurial community. 

The second is a position that I’m planning on underwriting to do real research on software patents in part of my quest to abolish software patents.  Over the past two months I’ve been reading the academic research on software patents and it is remarkably lame.  I’ve decided to fund a Silicon Flatiron Fellow to coordinate a real research program – headquartered at CU but involving anyone in the world that is doing research on software patents. 

In both cases, the fellow will be an employee of CU and the pay will be around 60K.  For the first position, please follow the directions on the CU web site.  For the second (patent) position, please email me your resume and an overview of your interest in and historical work around this area.