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Our Investment In Memeo

Jan 07, 2008
Category Foundry

I love when we find magic technology that just does what it is supposed to.  That – plus a handful of amazing people – are the underpinnings of the investment we just led in Memeo.  My partner Ryan McIntyre – who joined the board – has a detailed post up titled Foundry Group Invests in Memeo.

I’ve been searching for brainless backup and sync software for a long time.  I’ve never been happy.  I am now.  I’m using Memeo to keep five Vista machines (going on seven) in sync and it just automagically happens.  Oh – and my server is a Mac – how fun is that?

We did a couple of other investments in Q4 of last year that we’ll be writing about soon, along with what we are up to at Foundry Group.  In the meantime, if you use a PC or a Mac and have any digital data on any of your computers that you care about (say photos, music, videos, movies, or even Word docs), give Memeo a try and tell me what you think.