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Recommendation: Get A Gmail Account

Jan 14, 2008

Every day I get emails from people working on new startups.  I’m continually amazed at how many of them come from their existing corporate email address. 

There are lots of quick reasons I can think of why this is a bad idea.

  • Your company owns your email.  Theoretically, everything you write in email is owned by your company.
  • Your boss reads your email.  Especially if you suddenly quit to start a new company.
  • You use Microsoft Office and don’t know how to turn off auto-complete.  C’mon – you’ve accidentally sent an email to someone you didn’t mean to because of auto-complete.
  • It’s weird for me to get an email from joe@bigco saying "starting a new company" – it makes me think that you aren’t that serious.

I could come up with lots more.  It’s so simple to get a free gmail (or yahoo, or hotmail) email account.  Be bold – take the plunge.