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What I Learned At The University Venture Fund Conference Last Week

Jan 22, 2008

I was a keynote speaker at the University Venture Fund Conference last Friday.  I had a great time and was blown away by the quality of the 300+ undergrad and graduate students from around the country who participate in the UVF program.

Most of the conference was very relevant and substantive, including a great list from Martin Plaehn’s (Bungee Labs CEO) titled Quick Hits: Do’s and Dont’s of Entrepreneurship which was posted earlier today on Will Price of Hummer Winblad’s blog.  I’ve known Martin since the mid 1990’s when the company he was running (Viewpoint) bought a company I was chairman of (Thinkfish) and while we haven’t worked together since, he was in fine form on Friday and brought back good memories.

It’s so rewarding to spend a day with young people that are interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital.  I did it again today with Amy where I co-taught a class on Social Entrepreneurship with Lucy Sanders (NCWIT CEO) to a Wellesley College winter session course.  If the future of the US is represented by these young men and women, our future is bright.