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Daily Humor and Lessons

May 28, 2008
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Ah – the bipolar nature of the web.  Today’s daily reading includes some humor and some lessons, all rolled into one (or five).

Fear: it’ll make you shit your pants:  Thanks for the image Andy.

Hiring; and Personal Responsibility: Everyone is hiring.  Jud Valeski – the CTO/co-founder of Gnip has some points of view.  Oh – and they are hiring awesome software developers in Boulder and San Francisco that like to work inside the web pipes.

Fantasy: My almost daily dose of xkcd made me smile.  It’s like many of my dreams – there’s fire, death, and irrational behavior usually involving guns and car chases. 

How to be a TechStar, Part 1: What I wish I had known at the beginning: This year’s TechStars program officially started yesterday.  I was at part of orientation last (including the what do you suck at part) and am psyched to work with this year’s crop of TechStars.  Rob Johnson – the founder of Eventvue – tells what he wishes he had known a year ago.

Grandpa: My partner Seth has a lovely post up about his grandpa, career paths, and letting life take you where it will.  My grandfather also passed away about five years ago and I miss him dearly whenever I think of him.  He was the first entrepreneur I ever knew and I learned an enormous amount from him, especially about seizing the moment and doing what you want to do.

Now – would someone tell all the clouds and rain in Boulder to relocate back to Seattle?