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Intense Debate on TWiT

May 28, 2008
Category Investments

Intense Debate founder Jon Fox is a huge Leo Laporte / TWiT fan so it’s super cool that he ended up on net@night with Amber MacArthur talking to Amber and Leo about Intense Debate’s commenting system.  The interview with Jon and Intense Debate CEO Tom Keller is about halfway through the show.

I’ve been really pleased with the progress Jon, Tom, and team have made with Intense Debate.  A year ago when Intense Debate showed up at TechStars, Jon and his co-founder Isaac had an idea for an online consumer debating site.  This morphed into the comment replacement system that is Intense Debate.  I’ve long talked about comments being the dark matter of the blogosphere; Intense Debate helps to make them (and the ensuing conversations) much more relevant and useful. 

Features are coming fast and furiously.  Last week Intense Debate integrated with Lijit (so you can now include your comments in your Lijit search profile) and the reply by email feature is now out – I’ve been using it for about 60 days and it’s awesome.  Look for Twitter integration this week along with maybe another magic special thing depending on how many all nighters Jon pulls.

Intense Debate is growing like crazy.  If you have a blog and are still using your native commenting system, take a look at Intense Debate

As a special bonus, Jon has a blog and have been putting some of his startup thoughts out there.  You can follow along at home at Jon Fox: The ramblings of a young, web entrepreneur.  His latest – Those dreadful early decisions.