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Foundry Group Joins the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

May 06, 2008
Category Foundry

Today we announced that Foundry Group has joined the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado.  We’ve contributed 1% of our carried interest (the functional equivalent of 1% of our equity) to the Community Trust Endowed Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County.

When I co-founded the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO), we explained what we were trying to accomplish in the post titled Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado Encourages Early Stage GivingFifteen months later, with the addition of Foundry Group, we now have 19 member companies.

To everyone that has supported and/or participated in EFCO, thank you!  If you are a founder or an employee of a Colorado-based company (or venture capital firm) that is interested in participating in EFCO, just drop me an email.