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Request For Images For A Presentation

May 06, 2008
Category Education

I’m giving a presentation at my MIT Sloan 20th Reunion on June 7th.  I’m part of the "Back to the Classroom" series and am giving a presentation titled Software Innovation – Do You Think The Last 20 Years Were Exciting?  The Next 20 Years Will Blow Your Mind.

The rest of the program includes several great MIT professors talking about the following:

  • Prof. Roberto Rigobon The United States and the World’s Recession
  • Prof. Anjali Sastry Projects for change: Bringing management tools and ideas, collaboration, and learning-by-doing to the challenge of global health delivery for tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs, and other diseases in resource-poor settings
  • Prof. JoAnne Yates, CrackBerrys: Exploring the Social Implications of Wireless Email Devices
  • Prof. Drazen Prelec, Neuroeconomics

It should be a stimulating day.  As a result, I’ve started working on my presentation, a full month before I have to give it. 

For the opening, I’m going to do a rapid fire year by year walk through of software from 1988 to 2008.  I’m then going to roll forward to 2028. 

I’m looking for help on imagery.  If you have great jpg’s / gif’s of "software images" (I’m not defining this yet – just casting the net widely) please email them to me.  If you know of interesting images or videos on the web, post the URL in the comments.  If you have any other suggestions for interesting places to look for stuff, post a comment.

I’m mostly interested in imagery that I can tie to a specific year between 1988 and 2008.  For example, 1993 is a screen shot of Mosaic Version 1.0.

Thanks in advance for any help y’all can provide.  I’ll put the presentation up on the web after I’ve given it.