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How To Get A Job In Venture Capital

May 05, 2008

I just posted the great VC blog of the day over on Ask the VC but I think that it is so useful I’m reposting about it here.

One of my favorite VC posts of all times was my partner Seth Levine’s post titled How to become a venture capitalistI regularly get emails from folks looking for a job in the VC industry and I almost always point them at this post.

Seth has followed up with a new post titled How to get a job in venture capital (revisited).  It’s updated with some additional information for those that respond to the first post by saying “I get it that it’s hard, but what should I do over the next five years to position myself for a VC job.”

While the bullet points (go to business school, work for a start-up, start a company of your own, work for a bank or consulting firm, and put yourself out there) may seem obvious, Seth’s commentary is really helpful.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in pursuing a VC career to read both of these posts.