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The New Thing Called Wired Magazine

May 05, 2008

While everyone is spending their day talking about Microsoft and Yahoo, I thought I’d share an email with you from 1993.  Once again, my old friend Warren Katz has dug into his email archive and pulled out a doozy.  This time I’m introducing him to this great new magazine called Wired.

Date: 25 Apr 93 16:57:27 EDT
From: Bradley Feld <
To: Warren Katz


If you haven’t seen it already, check out the new magazine WIRED. It’s excellent. Flood them with press releases for Mak — they’ll definitely pick you up (in issue #1 there’s an article about SimNet and in issue #2 there’s an article about how Jaron Lanier is fearless).

If you haven’t heard of them, email them at

Hope you’re doing well. I’m back in town for a few weeks — let’s get together.

… Bradley

Yeah – well – I thought it was funny.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.