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My New Marathon Sponsor – Return Path

Jun 19, 2008

As my quest to run a marathon in every state by the time I’m 50 continues on Saturday with Marathon #11 (Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN) – I’m excited to announce that Return Path has agreed to sponsor my effort.  Matt Blumberg – the CEO of Return Path wrote about it on his blog at Run, Brad, Run!

We’ve been investors in Return Path since 2000 and I’ve gotten to know Matt well over the years.  He was at my side for Marathon #5 – New York, 2005 and he’s going to hang out with me for Marathon #12 in Ashton, Idaho in August.

Five years ago, one of Return Path’s early employees – Sophie Miller Audette – was diagnosed with MS.  I introduced Sophie and Matt to Art Mellor of Accelerated Cure and Return Path adopted it as their charity as Matt wrote in Doing Well by Doing Good, Part IIWhen I told Matt that I has also decided to adopt Accelerated Cure as my official charity for my effort, he and his team started cooking up a way to support both of us.

Return Path has pledged $1,000 to Accelerated Cure for every marathon I run with a bonus of $500 for every marathon I run under four hours.  Including the marathons that I’ve run to date, this is half of my goal of $100,000.  Return Path is hoping their gift will help inspire other people to help me blow away my goal.

Since I wrote about this a few days ago, several blog readers have already contributed $300.  Assuming I finish my goal and not counting any sub four hour marathons, I’ve now have commitments and funding of $50,300.  Come play along – more contributions welcome – just click on the "Click here to Donate" button in the widget above.

I’ve also received a commitment from another blog reader for a dollar for every minute under five hours (thanks Len!) I have one more sponsor to announce – probably after I finish the race but you can guess who they are from the logo listed on my Marathon page.  Finally, in the "wow – that’s cool" category is that Kate Smyth – a member of the Australian Olympic team for the marathon – was on our flight to Duluth.  I introduced myself and we hung out and talked while we waited for our bags at baggage claim.  She could win the women’s race!