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Jun 19, 2008
Category Investments

I’m sitting in the quiet zone in the airport lounge at MPLS so I’m not allowed to talk on my cell phone or listen to stuff on my laptop.  But you can!

ReadWriteWeb posted an interview with me that Alex Iskold did – it’s titled People in Tech: Brad Feld, Foundry Group (nice SEO btw – I’m very surprised it’s not #2 on The Google for "Brad Feld").  I love working with Alex (I’m a small investor in Adaptive Blue) and think he has an enormous and fun brain.  I’ve already gotten a few nice comments, emails, and tweets on my answer to the question "What is the meaning of life."

Do you like dogs?  Do you like cats?  Then you’ll love Ted Rheingold, the founder / CEO of Dogster.  He’s on WallStrip this week.  W00f.

Finally, don’t forget all of the TechStars Community action. 

  • Meeting Flux Capacity (what a great name)
  • Brad Feld with Foodzie (boy do I have a crush on these guys)

Oops.  I just made Amy annoyed.  "Brad – it’s time to shut down your computer and board the plane."  Gotta go to Duluth!