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SEO and Boulder Justice Center Community Service

Jun 02, 2008
Category Technology

I’ve been fascinated with SEO for a long time.  I’ve experienced a lot of random SEO events as a result of my blog, such as all the traffic I get from Google on the word "iBrick" that link to my post titled iBrick (currently #2 in the index – sometimes #1.)

A reader sent me a note yesterday that I am the #1 search term on Google for the phrase Boulder Justice Center Community Service which is linked to my post titled My Afternoon at the Boulder County Justice CenterI decided to take a look at the other search services and see where I landed on this search.

All of this reminded me of the great presentation my friend Micah Baldwin at Lijit did at Tech Cocktail in Chicago last week titled SEO is All Grown Up: My Quest to be the #1 Douche bag

Micah has been on a Douchebag Quest – I Want To Be The #1 Douche Bag.  As of today, he’s #4 on Google.  In case you are baffled, Micah’s quest is tongue in check as he tries to use a negative phrase to demonstrate how SEO works.