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TechStars Google Day

Jun 02, 2008
Category Techstars

TechStars 2008 is in full swing as it heads into week two.  Today was Google day.  During the day Kevin Marks and Dion Almaer were in The Bunker talking about Google AppEngine and OpenSocial.  In the evening Dick Costolo, Rick Klau, and I talked about the FeedBurner story from inception through the acquisition of FeedBurner by Google.  I forgot to make my crack about ClosedPrivate, but we got plenty of other good stuff out there.  Thanks to Kevin, Dion, Dick, and Rick for coming out to Boulder!

Amazon, Yahoo, and Microsoft are also in town this week.  I expect videos from the evening events will be up on the recently launched TechStars Community site.  Andrew Hyde is responsible for the videos and he’s putting them up pretty quickly after they happen – like the Starting Your Startup session – with me, Todd Vernon (Lijit CEO), and David Cohen.