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Here Comes The Sun and More Daily Stuff

Jul 08, 2008
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If you follow my tweets you know that I am starting to get desperate for some sun.  I could never live in Seattle.  There’s a rumor that we’ll see the sun in Homer again later today – if it comes out to play I’ll post a picture of it (did you hear that Mr. Sun – that’s called a blibe ("blog bribe").  Here are some interesting things I’ve collected over the past few days of my cloud induced web reading.

Boulder Olympians weigh politics, pollution as they prep for Beijing: I’m really glad I didn’t quality for the 2008 Olympic Marathon.  If I had, I’d currently be struggling with whether or not to compete.  I sure hope no one dies.

Frontier going under the knife: It looks like there might be more to the Frontier bankruptcy than Frontier getting shafted by First Data.  Unlike Southwest, apparently Frontier didn’t hedge oil prices (nor – apparently – did any of the other major airlines.)  Oops.  My prediction – Southwest cleans up in the Denver market and United goes bankrupt again.

Thank you, Adobe Reader 9: Here’s a scathing review of everyone’s favorite bloatware, Adobe Reader. Oh – it’s also sort of a virus if you’ve ever gotten stuck in the "update – oops – didn’t work – try again" infinite loop. I’ve switched to Foxit Reader – much nicer.

You Just Dont Get It: Outstanding short post from Mark Cuban. If you tell me that "I don’t get it", you are either (a) being lazy or (b) being lazy.  You are also indirectly calling me an idiot, which isn’t necessarily a good way to get someone’s attention for your idea. 

Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis: I put this one in the "well duh" category.  The real irony is that the World Bank – through a confidential report – suggests that global food prices are up by 75% due to biofuels, while the US claims the number is only 3%.  Who knows what the real truth is – like most "economic indicators", we will only know what really is going on sometime in the future when we look at back and study the past.  Regardless, don’t believe everything you read and hear in the media or from our world leaders.  "Well duh!"

Dispatches: A Post-Wimbledon Dialogue: I love tennis.  I used to be really good (as a junior) – I’m now able to occasionally torture – but not beat – someone that is a 4.5.  Watching Federer and Nadal play is a joy that harkens back to my childhood watching Borg and McEnroe play (I loved Borg because my game was like his but rooted for McEnroe because I was an angry and volatile tennis player.)  This is a brilliant recap of some genius tennis.

Electronic Papyrus: The Digital Book, Unfurled: I love my Kindle (I haven’t read a physical books since I left for Alaska last week.)  I’m not sure that I love the Readius, but I’m definitely game to try it.

Time for a run.  The sun is still not out.