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Pixie Maté – My Newest Marathon Sponsor

Jul 08, 2008

I want to welcome Pixie Maté as a sponsor of the Feld 50 by 50 Marathon Team.  Pixie Maté joins Return Path as one of my sponsors and has committed $250 to Accelerated Cure for every marathon I complete going forward.  I’ve got 39 to go, so that’s a total commitment of $9,750 – wow guys, awesome! 

Pixie Maté is a Boulder based organic foods company taking yerba maté to the masses.  Yerba maté is the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and S. Brazil where it is a dietary staple next to bread and meat.  This liquid vegetable contains more antioxidants than green tea and affords a buzz like coffee, but without the jitters, and peaks and valleys.   Pixie Maté calls it the balanced buzz with a llama-load of antioxidants.

I’ve gotten to know T.J. McIntyre – the founder of Pixie Maté – over the past few years.  I’m a regular Pixie Maté drinker, especially when I need a little more than tea in the mid-afternoon.  I’m powered by Maté and maybe even more invincible than Ironman.

To date, including the first $1,000 from Return Path for running Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN, I’ve raised $2,375 for Accelerated Cure.  Between funds raised so far, the Return Path sponsorship and Pixie Maté sponsorship, I’m well over $50,000 committed.  Thanks to every one that has supported me (and Accelerated Cure) to date.

My next marathon is in Ashton, Idaho on August 23.  Last year 159 people finished the marathon.  Matt Blumberg – the CEO of Return Path – is running the second half of the marathon with me to help bring me in under 4:45.  Wish me good training over the next six weeks.  And if you feel inclined, please click on the donate button in the widget and help support me and – more importantly – Accelerated Cure.