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AOL Acquires SocialThing

Aug 15, 2008
Category Techstars

After some rumors a few weeks ago, it’s now official.  AOL has acquired SocialThing.  I’m immensely proud of the Matt, Ben, and Brian.  As one of the members of the TechStars 2007 class of companies (and the first one to have an exit), I have a long list of entertaining stories that I’ll save for the closing dinner when we roast everyone.  In the mean time, I give you David Cohen’s memory of events and some of the history of how SocialThing came to TechStars last year. 

Frank Gruber – who has known the SocialThing team since they demoed at TECH Cocktail Boulder last spring (which Frank co-hosts) – also has some good thoughts up from his perspective inside AOL.

Guys – congrats!  Everyone in TechStars and the Boulder entrepreneurial community is proud of you.  And AOL – congrats to you also; you just added some really great ingredients to the mix.

Finally, as a special bonus, SocialThing won the Boulder 2008 IQ Award last night for Consumer Internet company.  And – I’m having lunch with Matt and his parents today.  Life is just never dull around here.