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Tech I Use

Aug 13, 2008

I’m one of those guys that can’t resist downloading a piece of software to try it out.  I buy every gadget, download everything that comes my way, and create an account on every web service I notice.  I’ve told Ross (my IT guy) never to come back from a trip to Best Buy without buying me something to play with.  Yes – I have poor impulse control.

I’m finding that a lot of the stuff I’m trying is sticking with me these days.  I still have a wide range of things that go into the discard pile (which – if it’s a physical device – means I give it to Ross as a gift after playing with it for a week or so.)  But – a surprising amount is useful.

As I think more about our Digital Life and Human Computer Interaction themes, I realized it might be fun (at least for me) to start writing about some of the experiences (good and bad) I’m having with "tech" as a typical early adopter.  I’m sure those of you out there that are gadget freaks early adopters will have fun suggesting new toys and helping me out with the ones I’m having problems with.

So – look for the trials and tribulations of my gadgets in my new Tech I Use category.