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Oct 29, 2008

I was talking to Andrew Hyde over at the Job Fair and a few of the folks I ran into busted my chops (in a good way) about my publicly declared jihad on my weight.  For those of you that have commented – thanks – the encouragement, support, and suggestions have been great.

I’ve started a group competition on Gyminee called Overweight Boys In BoulderThe competition is to lose the most % body weight before 1/31/09.  The losers buy the winner a super healthy meal at Leaf (and we all have a party together).  Micah has suggested he’s going to kick my ass, but I think his odds were better in the sushi eating contest that occurred recently.

While I was talking to Andrew, he mentioned an idea I hadn’t heard before called anti-charity that appears to have some fans on the web.  The idea is brilliant – you make a public commitment to a goal along with a contribution to a charity you are opposed to if you don’t achieve your goal.

For example, if I don’t get below 200 pounds by 1/31/09, I’m going to donate $100 in my name to  It’s a cynical, but awesome motivational tool.