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Round Two of The VC (and Entrepreneur) Advice on the Downturn

Oct 30, 2008

VentureBeat had a Downturn RoundTable yesterday consisting of a panel of VCs and an panel of entrepreneurs giving their advice on what to do to whether to current economic crisis.  I found the TechCrunch commentary to be a very good summary:

Since VentureBeat actually put on the event, it seems appropriate to link to their content also.

By far the best five minutes are John Doerr of KPCB reciting his 10 tips (which are written here).

Direct, clear, and actionable.  While a lot of this is common sense that should be done all the time in any entrepreneurial business, if you are an entrepreneur you are going to hear this over and over again in the next "chunk of time."  And – if you work for a startup, recognize that these are the things going through the head of the leadership team right now; help them accomplish them.