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Twitter Delivers Dinner in Raleigh Durham

Dec 15, 2008
Category Technology

As I was boarding the plane today in Dulles, I twittered At Dulles on the way to Raleigh durham. Post marathon travel is painful.  Within a minute I got an email from Jeff Turner, the founder of Blogbeat:

"I just saw on Twitter that you’re in route to Raleigh… I know you’re probably booked up, but just in case you aren’t, I thought I’d check in & see if I could buy you a beer or cheeseburger (or something).  really just want to say hi and thank you formally for the FeedBurner connection.  Either way, hope you’re doing well & recover soon from your marathon!"

It turns out that I was landing at 6:41 and I had nothing scheduled, so a few quick emails and we were set to meet for dinner at 7:30.  Jeff and I had never met, but if you remember my post from July 2006 titled Stats Evolved – FeedBurner Acquired Blogbeat you may know that Jeff approached me randomly via email for advice, that turned into a longer conversation, which ultimately resulted in FeedBurner (which I was on the board of) acquiring Jeff’s company Blogbeat.

The most interesting thing – Jeff and I had never met in person.  We’ve had some email contact over the last two years but our paths had never physically crossed.  They did tonight (thanks to Jeff’s initiative and the magic of Twitter) and we had a couple of beers and a great dinner in Raleigh at Thaiphoon Bistro along with a super conversation.

Jeff – thanks for the evening.  Those who twitter together, dine together.