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Help Encourage Entrepreneurship At CU Boulder With A Sponsorship

Mar 24, 2009
Category Techstars

There has been a lot of activity around entrepreneurship at CU Boulder lately, especially in computer science and engineering.  This is encouraging to me as I believe that a strong culture of entrepreneurship at “your local university” is important to the long term health of any entrepreneurial ecosystem.

TechStars recently coordinated with CU Boulder to create five summer internships.  Each of these internships will enable a CU Boulder student to work as a software engineer at TechStars for the summer.  The overall dynamics are:

  • $2,000 tax deductible sponsorship to CU.
  • Gives the students deep exposure to the entrepreneurial community and ecosystem in Boulder.
  • Students report monthly to you (their sponsor) on their experiences and progress.
  • All sponsored students visit each sponsoring company at the end of the summer to report on their experience.
  • Great way to encourage CU engineering students to think more entrepreneurially.
  • Great potential recruiting mechanism for your company.

To get things started, I’m going to sponsor one of these.  We are looking for four three (thanks Microsoft for sponsoring one!) more Boulder-area software / Internet companies to participate in these sponsorships.  And – as a special bonus – I plan to host an event at the end of the summer for all five interns, the TechStars founders they worked with, and the execs from their sponsoring companies.

If you are Boulder-based, I encourage you to jump in now.  Email me or Nicole Glaros to get involved.