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Another Beers and Boulder with Brad Event (Vancouver)

Mar 24, 2009
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In February, I did a “Beers and Boulder with Brad” event in Seattle.  Local Seattle-based entrepreneurs Dave Schappell of TeachStreet and T.A. McCann of Gist put the event together and I was blown away by the response. Several hundred people showed up; I had a great evening of talking about entrepreneurship, local entrepreneurial communities, and the dynamics of startups.  I also got to hang out for a few hours with a ton of Seattle entrepreneurs who looked like they were having as much fun as me.

Greg Huang summarized the evening and some of my messages very nicely in his Xconomy Seattle post titled VC Model Is Not Broken: Insights from Brad Feld of TechStars and Foundry GroupFollowing are Greg’s bullet points from my talk – click through to the article to read the detail behind them:

  1. Entrepreneurs are king
  2. Entrepreneurial communities need to focus
  3. It’s not the economy, stupid
  4. Web 2.0 and online advertising models aren’t dead
  5. The VC model is still strong

Danny Robinson, a Vancouver based entrepreneur who runs Bootup Labs, invited me to do a similar event in Vancouver on April 22nd.  Since I’m already in Seattle for a board meeting that day, I agreed to pop up to Vancouver and do it again (although I’m sure the content and questions will be different.)  Danny put up a description and registration page post – it’s going to be April 22nd at the Steamworks Brewing Company.