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Browser Innovations – The Blink Tag

May 04, 2009
Category Technology

Do you remember when the blink tag appeared on the scene?  I do. I was giving a reference on a great CEO I’ve worked with since 1996.  The VC I was talking to and I took a trip down memory lane to 1994 or so and the blink tag came up.  I wondered if it still worked – let’s see.

I’ve always hated the fucking blink tag. It’s so obnoxious.

Well – that’s interesting – it doesn’t render in Windows Live Writer in either the edit or the preview view.   I just looked the blink tag up on Wikipedia.  I love the quote by its inventor – Lou Montulli: he considers it to be “the worst thing I’ve ever done for the Internet."

Follow Up: Blink works in Firefox but doesn’t seem to work in IE 7 or Chrome or Safari on my iPhone.  What’s up with that?  How can we maintain the integrity of the universe (and subsequently the Internet) if the blink tag vanishes?  Any know the story on Opera?