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Gist – My Cerebrum Communicator

May 06, 2009
Category Investments

Yesterday Gist announced that we led a $6.5m Series A financing.   Gist is right in the cross section of our email theme and our implicit web theme.  To better understand this, spend three minutes and watch the video below that explains the cerebrum communicator.

I first met T.A. McCann, the founder/CEO of Gist, at the Defrag Conference.  We helped Eric Norlin create Defrag because we wanted to go hang out with a bunch of smart people and talk / learn about the Implicit Web.  At the beginning of Defrag last fall, T.A. sent me a tweet that he was looking for a running partner during the conference. We ran both days, sweated together, and got to know each other.  I started playing around with Gist shortly thereafter and was immediately hooked.

I look forward to having the Internet directly connected to my brain.  Until then I’ll settle for Gist.  In the mean time, is anyone up for a run at the Glue Conference next week?