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Pogoplug Getting Props from My Favorite Gadget Nerds

Jun 09, 2009
Category Investments

We are super psyched about our investment in Pogoplug.  Generally, I hate self-referential tech analogies as a way of describing a product, but in Pogoplug’s case it’s easy: “Pogoplug is a Slingbox for your hard drive.”  Our big insight about Sling as an investment was that it was “a bunch of magic software packaged in a cool plastic box that just works.”  Similarly, Pogoplug is “a bunch of magic software packaged in a cool plastic box that just works.”

While it’s easy to pimp our own investments, it’s better when others do.  I came home from vacation to Tim Wolters (co-founder Collective Intellect; previously co-founder/CTO Dante Group) post on Pogoplug (yes – I stuck one in his hand after we talked about it.)  He was skeptical, but nails the use case and asks for my favorite “on the roadmap” feature – automagical data sync.

In April, Todd Vernon (co-founder/CEO of Lijit; previously co-founder/CTO Raindance) also had a great Pogoplug review.  Todd is a consumer electronics junkie (he makes me look tame) and is notoriously hard on products and companies.  Praise from Todd is high praise indeed.

And – to top it off – Om Malik referred to his new Pogoplug as “My MacBook Air’s Second New Best Friend.”  He then went on to interview Brad Dietrich, Pogoplug’s CTO, on How Pogoplug Works.

Hell – my dad even likes his!  And – yes – all of my data is now on a drive attached to a Pogoplug sitting in a cabinet in my house, available to me from anywhere at anytime.  It’s conceivable that I’ll even get Amy to like it.