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Hi – I’m Back on the Grid

Jun 09, 2009

Wow โ€“ that was a great and much needed week off the grid.  Both Amy and I were exhausted.  But, we are back (although she is about to decamp to Keystone for the summer to work on her book.)

Before I checked out I spent 36 hours in Idaho with my friends at Highway 12 Ventures at the Idavation Conference.  My keynote speech is up on their website along with me hosting the Idahoโ€™s Top Geeks panel.  Mark and Pam Solon were incredible hosts โ€“ I had a great first trip to Boise  along with a superb run with Ryan Woodings of Metageek (really cool wi-spy product).  This was my second trip to Idaho โ€“ Amy just tossed up pictures from last years Ashton Idaho Marathon with the Blumbergs.

I then met Amy in Las Vegas for a super top secret party with a 40 of my closest friends.  We stayed at the Encore which was beautiful, although the restaurants were weak (hint: walk to the Wynn and eat there.)  Of course, I was in bed by 11pm each night so I was a pretty useless partier, but I learned about a few fun twitter handles.

Amy and I then headed to San Diego and spent a week completely off the grid.  We stayed at Rancho Valencia, had a great tennis vacation (2+ hours of tennis every day), lots of sleep, great food, saw a few friends, slept 12+ hours a night, had a strong week of running, and enjoyed plenty of adult activity together.

I came back totally rested, bit my tongue at dinner, and ended up with a massive bacterial infection in my right parotid gland.  When I realized I had a grapefruit growing out of the side of my face, I went to urgent care, got some antibiotics, and now just feel el-weird (although I no longer look like a total freak.)

Wednesday, Phil Weiser is interviewing me on Work-Life Balance at 6pm at CU Law in the Wolf Law Builder โ€“ come see if a week off the grid holds up after three full and intense days back on the grid.