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Sensobi – A Better Address Book For Your BlackBerry

Jul 20, 2009

I spent last Thursday at TechStars Boston meeting with all of the TechStars Boston 2009 teams.  They’ve all made a ton of progress since I met with them a month ago and many of them are shaping up really nicely.

A few of them are starting to be more public about what they are up to.  One of them – Sensobi – is ready to roll.  I’m not a BlackBerry user (I use an iPhone), but when I fiddled around with their app on a BlackBerry a month ago I totally got it.   BlackBerryCool calls it an “enterprise-grade address book.”

If you are a BlackBerry user give it a try – you can sign up using my magic special invite code.  The Sensobi guys – Andy and Ajay – are interested in your feedback.

Update: My magic special invite code is all used up at this point.  It turns out that Boy Genius also wrote a post today (Get ‘em while they’re hot: 200 Sensobi invites for BGR readers) and the well has run temporarily dry.  More soon.