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The Unbearable Stupidity of Some Patents

Jul 02, 2009
Category Technology

If I told you that I had just filed a patent for “a system to sell equity in domain names”, I’d expect you to laugh at me.  I haven’t ranted and raved against software (and business method) patents for a while because I got bored of doing it.  The PTO has gotten so far behind on responding to patent applications that the whole notion of a four year cycle to get a software patent approved just underscores how ridiculous the whole thing is given the pace of innovation in software.

But – today’s silly patent popped up somewhere and I just couldn’t resist poking fun at it. Go Daddy has filed a patent for a method of selling equity in domain namesI can’t wait to see what the SEC has to say about this one.

I sure do hope the new regime in Washington D.C. has the balls to address the software patent issue this time around and end this madness.