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It’s Finally Time to Get Under 200 Pounds

Aug 17, 2009

The DailyBurn Fitness Challenge started today.  For those of you that don’t know DailyBurn, it’s one of the TechStars Boulder 2008 companies (it used to be called Gyminee).  More on the fitness challenge from Andy Smith, the CEO.

This morning I weighed in at an uncomfortably high weight (fuck, fuck, fuck) – not quite as high as my jihad inspiring weight – but uncomfortable.  I refuse to be over 200 pounds on the anniversary of my jihad on my weight (10/27).  So, I’m going to get religious about using DailyBurn.

Fortunately for me, the DailyBurn iPhone app was released today.  This was one of the things holding up my extreme discipline to using DailyBurn and used to provide me with another excuse not to log my food (as in, “well, there’s no DailyBurn iPhone app so I forgot to log my food.)  Busted.

Come join the DailyBurn Fitness Challenge and encourage me.  I’m bfeld.  Begone weight, begone!