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TechStars: Episode 12: The Beginning

Aug 19, 2009
Category Techstars

One of my favorite lines from TechStars is that “investor day is just the beginning”.  In this great wrap up of the TechStars 2009 video series, David Cohen says it around 6:30.

The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 12 | The Beginning from Andrew on Vimeo.

All twelve episodes are up on the TechStars website.  I think Megan Leigh Sweeney of Alpine Light Pictures just did an amazing job with this project. 

There was an enormous amount of blog traffic about the TechStars Boulder 2009 class.  Following is some some of it (the blog posts from the teams are particularly awesome and really capture what they got out of the program.)

Mentors / Investors: Fred Wilson, Todd Vernon, Matt Blumberg, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Don Dodge, Chris DeVore, Mark Solon, Andrew Hyde, Brad Feld

Teams: Vanilla, Next Big Sound, Everlater, Mailana, Spry, Retel

General: TechCrunch, Rocky Radar, The Deal,  Chad James, Rob La Gesse

I’m sure there are others – if I missed you just post the URL in the comments.  Thanks tons to everyone that has been involved in TechStars over the past three years!

I’m really looking forward to the TechStars Boston 2009 Investor Day on September 10th.  Even though it falls right in the middle of my Q3 off-the-grid vacation, I’ve gotten special dispensation from Amy to attend.