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RedLaser #2 Paid App in the AppStore!

Oct 01, 2009
Category Techstars

The other day I wrote about two TechStars companies (Occipital and DailyBurn) teaming up to create FoodScanner for the iPhone. That app is now in the top 65 in the app store. Occipital provided the underlying scanning technology which is based on the  RedLaser SDK.   Anyone can use that SDK to easily add magic bar code scanning to their own app.

As of right now, RedLaser itself is #2 on the top paid apps list in the app store. You can use it to scan any barcode to quickly check online pricing.  I love stuff that works like "magic" and RedLaser qualifies because it’s fast and effortless and uses nothing more than the built in camera to read the barcode, even on curved surfaces, and even without autofocus.


Here’s a Fox Business video interview from earlier this week featuring Occipital co-founder Jeff Powers talking about RedLaser and his experiences developing a top paid app.