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StartupVisa Video and Congressman Jared Polis Comments

Oct 03, 2009
Category Government

Last week I was interviewed by the Denver Business Journal for an article on the StartupVisa Movement.   Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) – who represents the district in which I live – was also interviewed.  Kevin Mann – the founder of Take Publishing (one of the TechStars 2009 companies) and a UK citizen – talked about his story.  Good – and important – stuff – Polis wants foreign company founders to be allowed to stay in United States.

Eric Ries also put together a short two minute video describing the issue and highlighting Eric Diep, the co-founder of Quizzes (a very popular early Facebook app).  The Eric’s explain the issue around visas for founders of companies and talk briefly about some of their activity on a recent trip to Washington DC.

As each day passes, I continue to get a steady flood of positive feedback and constructive suggestions about this from a wide variety of people.  Thanks to everyone for engaging in this important conversation.