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Techstars Boulder Companies SendGrid and ReTel Announce Financings

Dec 10, 2009

Speaking of the metaverse, we had a great TechStars summer program this year.  The companies that graduated from the program are starting to announce their financings and two announced this week.

SendGrid Raises $750K For Email Deliverability Software: I love these guys.  If your company sends transaction outbound email to your end users (e.g. confirmations, alerts, notifications) you can either (a) do it yourself and build all the infrastructure / support around it or (b) outsource it to SendGrid.  I’m a huge fan and really excited about their investor group led by Highway 12 Ventures, with SoftTech VC and FF Angel.

ReTel Technologies, Inc. Raises $1M Seed Financing: , which is an advanced surveillance video analytics company, was one of the companies profiled in this summer’s video series on TechStars called The Founders.  Funny, smart, and willing to travel the world for video surveillance, ReTel closed a great financing led by Jeff Clavier at SoftTechVC with participation from Hyde Park Angels, FF Angel, Maples Investments, eonBusiness and Zelkova Ventures.

And, while we announced our investment in Next Big Sound at the end of September, it was picked up in TechCrunch and listed several of our co-investors including Alsop Louie and SoftTechVC.

Wait, there’s more.  The Everlater financing, led by Highway 12 Ventures, was also announced about a month ago.

Guys – congrats – you rock!  And there’s lots more coming.  If you want to follow along on your iPhone (assuming AT&T is connecting properly), there’s an app for TechStars.