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I Love Starting The Year Off With CES

After a two-fer of deeply annoying arrogance demonstrated by two different VCs on the first business day of 2011 that I’m still pondering (a mix of conflict avoidance behavior and passive aggressive behavior) I’m really looking forward to CES. Several years ago, my partners and I started going to CES together.  Jason and Ryan had…

Does Me-Too Stuff Bore You?

As 2011 kicks off, I think we are in for a ton of innovative software and Internet stuff this year.  Yeah, some of it will be “just like everything else but different.”  However, of the areas we invest heavily in – human computer interaction – has an incredible amount of activity going on.  I’ll be…

The Numbers Reset To Zero

Most of the companies I’m an investor in have a fiscal year that lines up with the calendar year.  As a result, with a few exceptions, the 2010 numbers are done and the 2011 numbers have reset to zero. When I was running my first company (Feld Technologies) this was a big moment each year….