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The Winners Of The Startup Life Win A Dinner

Feb 08, 2013
Category Books

Order me, email Brad, and maybe win dinner with Brad and AmyAs Amy and I sit in the sun at South Beach eating frozen grapes and waiting for the snowpocalypse to hit the east coast, we decided to pick the Startup Life Win a Dinner winners. There are two – one of Amazon orders and one for Barnes & Noble orders.

Five times as many people entered on Amazon, so the odds were better for the B&N folks. Except, one B&N person entered 10 times (by buying 10 books). The way we chose the winner was to count up entries, use Randomnumbergenerator to pick a random number between 1 and the number of entries, and then go to that entry in Gmail in the specific label we had tagged everything with.

The Amazon winner is Bill Soistmann and the B&N winner is Kristopher Chavez. Emails have gone out to them – we are arranging dinners.

Thanks to everyone who entered – we hope you are enjoying the book. And – if you like it, do me and Amy a favor and toss a review up on Amazon or B&N – every one of them helps!