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Microsoft Excel and our brains have a lot in common. We all use them, but only to about 10% capacity.

Today I’m offering a solution on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals from a startup called Excel Everest. These guys can teach you how to use Excel by offering a 20 hour interactive tutorial on the fine points of spreadsheets. Their class is normally $35, but through the magic of daily deals, I’m bringing it to you for only $14 (PC / Windows only). Think of it as getting a class on Excel from my partner Seth, who is the best Excel god I know, for only $0.70 / hour.

Almost all of us are guilty of firing up a spreadsheet and limiting ourselves to just a few basic functions. Spreadsheet proficiency for $14 seems like a steal to me. Once you make your purchase, just head over to the Excel Everest website, plug in your voucher code, and you’re ready to recalculate your spreadsheet knowledge.

My latest foray into the Daily Deal universe is up – and it’s a 50% offer on Manpacks.

Manpacks Deal Image

If you are a guy and aren’t familiar with Manpacks, it’s an easy way to get essentials (undies, socks, razors) mailed to you every few months. Why spend time shopping for undies and socks when you can climb mountains, slay dragons, and conquer the world?

If you area a girl and are tired of your guy wearing tired, worn out undies, a Manpack makes a perfect gift.

I continue to enjoy my alter ego Brad Salesy (kind of like Slim Shady) as I better try to understand how Daily Deals actually work.