Brad Feld

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On Wednesday I did two interviews with Mark Suster – one for This Week and Venture Capital and then one before the LaunchPad LA event.  TechZulu recorded and broadcasted the second one.  The first three minutes are kind of funny as we didn’t know they were recording so we were horsing around talking about funny drinks and the legalization of a particular type of medicine.

The actual investor that happens over the next 45 minutes is about TechStars, entrepreneurial communities, and some of the stuff I invest in. Mark does a good interview – he can have me back anytime.

I’m totally wiped out after a full day in LA that included a board meeting at Oblong, a 75 minute interview on This Week in VC, strange drinks at Volcano Tea with some LA entrepreneurs, another interview on TechZulu before the Launchpad LA event, and then a Launchpad LA event.  Mark Suster – who is everywhere on the LA entrepreneurial scene – was my gracious host, interviewer, and master of ceremonies for the day.  I predict he sleeps well tonight.

I’ve got nothing left to say since I’ve already said it at least twice today.  So – I’ll leave you with the This Week in VC interview.