Brad Feld

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I’m fascinated with first offices.  I’m not talking about the bedroom, the dorm room, the garage, or the apartment.  I’m talking about the first real office.  Here’s mine.


Bill Warner took this picture of me standing in front of 875 Main Street in Cambridge, MA last year.  My first real office – for Feld Technologies – was the fourth floor.  The building is a narrow five story building (three windows on the front) – long and skinny – 1600 square feet total.  The elevator opened directly into the office, the front of the building (that you see) was to the left; the bulk of the space was to the right.  I vaguely remember a cave like office near the back along with the bathroom and lots of open space in the middle.  When we moved in all of the left over shit from Pegasystems was still there – they were the previous tenant. 

While I had offices in my bedroom at my fraternity (351 Massachusetts Avenue) and in my bedroom at my parents house in Dallas, this was my first real office.  We had to take out the garbage and the place always smelled like damp, sweaty, anxious nerds.  We had some great times and some awful times, but this was where it all really started for me.

Where was your first real office?