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Book: I Was Blind But Now I See

Dec 17 2011
James Altucher is brilliant. Everyone on the planet should buy a copy of his new book I Was Blind But Now I See right now. You’ll likely hate some of it. Other parts will annoy you. Still others will seem simplistic, counterproductive, or just plain odd. But every page will make you think. I met […]
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Recommendation – Ignore All The 2009 Predictions

Dec 24 2008
Oh goody, they are here.  Every magazine, newspaper, and most of the online publications known to man are putting together their “2008 year in review” and their “2009 prediction” editions.  What a fucking waste of human energy. This has been one of my pet peeves for 20+ years.  For a while I managed to ignore […]
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Gloom and Doom – or Capital Efficiency

Oct 09 2008
Fred has a fantastic blog up titled Capital Efficiency Finds It’s Moment.  It – combined with his posts My Thoughts On "Startup Depression" – are full of suggestions that entrepreneurs should be thinking about and taking action on right now.  They are both completely consistent with my post Ok Entrepreneurs, Time to Step Up. I’m […]
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MIT Reunion Presentation – Innovation in the Software Industry

Sep 29 2008
In May I made a request for images for a presentation I was doing at my 20th MIT Sloan School reunion.  The presentation – titled Software Innovation — Do You Think the Last 20 Years Were Exciting? The Next 20 Years Will Blow Your Mind is now up on the web.  If you don’t want to […]
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Burning Out

Jan 23 2008
Andrew Hyde – the wonderful, fun, and friendly founder of StartupWeekend – wrote a great post recently On Burning Out.  He’s back – after taking a long break – which is great.  Last week I had dinner with another long time friend and entrepreneur who told me he "had the blues."  His company had a […]
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My Love Hate Relationship with Boston

May 08 2007
I spent 12.1 years of my life living in Boston (and Cambridge) – from age 17.7 to 29.8.  This morning I spent an hour having a picture perfect run around the Charles River, listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers on my iTurd (my podcasts are still not syncing correctly, but whatever), and reminiscing on […]
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Managing Emotions Under Pressure

Oct 25 2006
I got the following note the other day from a friend: After reading your latest post on Board Room Rules, I started thinking about the pressures that entrepreneurs experience starting, growing and managing start-up companies (whether it’s their first company or their fifth.) So I wonder if you as an investor/board member/partner/cheerleader have ever had […]
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Everyday Matters

Aug 22 2004
Everyday Matters is a remarkable book. If you live in New York; have a family member who has had a tragic accident or a crippling disease; or are subject to bouts of depression, you must read this book. I came across the book while I was browsing in my local bookstore in Homer. The cover […]
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Generation X Philanthropy and Generation X

May 17 2004
I had lunch today with Gary Zeff who runs Boulder Open Studios. In addition to talking about Open Studios – which is a very cool thing for the local Boulder art community – we got into a long discussion about why my generation (Generation X – born between 1965 and 1980) is so light on […]
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