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Start Every Board Meeting With A Demo

Jan 26 2011
I find three hour “reporting board meetings” where everyone sits around and goes through a 50 page PowerPoint deck to be tedious. When I first started investing in 1994, this was the norm. I put up with it even though it wasn’t my style because (a) I didn’t know better and (b) I didn’t have […]
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Board Meeting Lessons From The Supreme Court

Nov 11 2009
My amazing day at the Supreme Court continued to bounce around in the back of my mind all day yesterday.  I was at a board meeting for a company that I’ve been on the board of for almost a decade – it was the best (as in most productive) board meeting we’ve had in a […]
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VC Behavior in Board Meetings

Aug 13 2009
There was plenty of chatter about my post The Best Board Meetings.  One idea popped up a few times and was well articulated by John Boyd in his post What Makes a Good Board Meeting?  In it he talks about what is expected from a VC in a board meeting, rather than just from the […]
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The Best Board Meetings

Aug 06 2009
Over the past 15 years I’ve been to thousands of board meetings.  Last week I had four; this week I have two.  I’ve spent a lot of time – often during board meetings – thinking about how to make them better and more effective. Yesterday, Fred Wilson (who was at the Return Path board meeting […]
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The Closed Session of a Board Meeting

Apr 25 2008
At the end of every board meeting I’m a part of we have a closed session.  This is a session that includes only the board members.  All of the boards I’m on include the CEO as a board member so the CEO is part of the closed session.  If there are multiple founder / management […]
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A CEO’s View of Board Meetings

Dec 03 2006
Will Herman has an excellent post up titled Board Meetings – A CEO’s Point of View.  While I’ve never been on a board where Will was CEO, he and I have been on several boards together, and he’s an incredibly valuable and impactful board member.  His “top 11” list of suggestions is a must read for […]
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Sample Board Meeting Minutes

Oct 24 2006
I go to a lot of board meetings.  As a result, I’ve reviewed a lot of board meeting minutes.  In general, the philosophy among most VC-backed companies – promulgated by the law firms for these companies – is to keep the board minutes “light.”  They should cover the substance of the meeting and have any […]
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Board Meeting Rules

Oct 16 2006
Following are some board meeting rules that were recently presented to me and my fellow board members by a CEO at one of his first board meetings at a newly funded early stage company.  I thought they were brilliant.  Feel free to pass them out at your next board meeting. Be supportive of the company: Tell us the […]
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The First Board Meeting

Oct 13 2006
Scott Converse – the CEO of ClickCaster – has a long and very personal post about his experience in the run up to his first board meeting.  I’m sure he’ll have a follow up post after the meeting today.  If you are a first time entrepreneur who has just raised money, or are just starting […]
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