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Sitemaps and Facebook

Mar 27 2008
Smart move – I’ve been wondering when this would happen.  You can now SEO your Facebook applications with Sitemaps.  If you are a Facebook app developer, it’s well worth your time to figure this out.  I view this as a deliberate, healthy, and intelligent cracks opening in the walled garden.
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Facebook Apps for Business

Nov 15 2007
CIO Magazine, that paragon of business wisdom, has a a list of five Five Favorite Facebook Widgets for Business Users.  My TechStars friends J-Squared weigh in on the list with Sticky Notes.   Entertaining.
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Development Tools for the Facebook Platform

Sep 27 2007
Brilliant moves by Widgetbox and Dapper (I’m not an investor in either company.)  Both of them have released “development tools for building Facebook apps.”  Widgetbox’s App Accelerator helps you turn Widgetbox widgets into Facebook apps.  Dapper’s AppMaker helps you turn “Dapps” (Dapper Apps) into Facebook apps.  Look for a lot more tools like this, but these first […]
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Facebook Email Sucks

Jul 26 2007
I’m an email junkie going back as far as I can remember.  It’s by far my favorite way to communicate.  I’m utterly and completely baffled that Facebook email (ok – “Inbox”) is so poor.  No forward a message.   Can’t add people to a thread.  No way to sort or manage the messages.  And now Facebook […]
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The Facebook Problem

Jun 22 2007
I’ve had an account on Facebook for a while. Until a month ago – around the time of the F8 Platform launch – I checked it once a month. In the last 30 days, I’ve been checking it once a day.  My friends list has exploded, I’ve added a bunch of apps (just to play […]
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Facebook Groups

Jun 16 2007
Unless you’ve been on vacation and off the grid for the last two months, you’ve probably noticed the explosive growth with Facebook with a new and exciting demographic – all the web / tech nerds that previously weren’t using Facebook.  I went to my Facebook account this morning to try to figure out when I […]
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